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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

I love my beautiful English garden, with its sweet two-seater Maytham bench, and lovely wicker lounger set. Overlooking a grassy meadow punctuated by flowering fruit trees, it is the very definition of country living.

But there was one forgotten corner at the back of my garden, which begged additional attention; my long-abandoned patio. Tucked up against one side of the house with a commanding view of the garden, I knew there must be some way to repurpose this valuable space.

I spent several years in upstate New York, right near the Adirondack Mountains, and remember seeing this unique style of outdoor lounger. I recall beautiful summer evenings there, sitting around Lake George, or indulging in an American cheeseburger from a country store. These evenings always seemed to be spent in these traditional wooden chairs. Somehow, my time in that mountainous "neck of the woods" (as they say over there) has never left me, and it struck me suddenly: I could bring a piece of that into my current life, if only I had a few Adirondack Chairs!

I was pleased to find Lordship Chairs, a company just around the corner from me, producing the very same classic chair I had remembered! My patio looks proud to have my four Adirondack Chairs, soon to be complemented with a fire pit.

I can't recommend Lordship Chairs enough: from the purchase to the delivery, their service was perfect. they even delivered my chairs in-person! They assured me that the chairs will weather to a beautiful grey, which will match my garden perfectly.

Who would have thought: Adirondack Chairs in an English garden! I can't wait for summer!

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