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About Our Adirondack Chairs

Would you settle for an uncomfortable garden chair? Neither would we.

At Lordship Chairs we are all about helping you relax, whether that's in the garden or before you make the purchase decision. So read on to learn all about what makes our Adirondack chairs the most relaxing and comfortable garden chairs around.

Our Design.

The Adirondack chair is a classic design, hailing from the misty mountains of Massachusetts, but its engineering has remained unchanged for much of its existence. We initially built our chairs to this old-fashioned design, but kept having issues with the chairs turning wobbly. 

So we took the original Adirondack chair design back to the drawing board. Our purpose was to deliver an Adirondack chair with the effortless comfort that brought it to popularity without the stability and durability issues that plague other manufacturers, whilst keeping keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

Adirondack chair drawing with dimensions

After months of testing, engineering, and talking to customers we have developed the ultimate Adirondack chair.​ The backrest is wider at the bottom to provide a more gradual fan of slats for a more comfortable curvature, and is positioned to guide you into a natural, relaxing posture. The seat slats are 53mm wide to make a comfortable curve at the front of the Adirondack chair, while still providing enough support in the rest of the seat.

The armrests are spacious enough to rest your drink, while staying sleek and stylish. And did we mention the no tilting design? By rotating the front legs 90° we stabilised the chair in two directions, and vastly improved it's stability on uneven terrain. There is a lot of attention to detail throughout our Adirondack chair design that you may only notice in the long run, like how the placement and the sizing of screws maximise sturdiness and minimise splitting

We have chosen to build our Adirondack chairs out of sustainably sourced Douglas Fir wood and stainless steel hardware so your chairs weather beautifully and won't need a lot of up keep, but more on that later.

Our Design

Our Materials.

Our Adirondack chairs and Adirondack chair accessories were originally made from Larch wood. In particular, Siberian Larch is the best species for low knots and low resin pockets to yield the best aesthetically pleasing chairs. Since certain world events occurred, our stockpile has dwindled and in February 2024 we switched wood to Western Douglas Fir. 

Douglas Fir is a beautiful looking wood, with low-to-no knots and often with stunning grain patterns. It weathers well thanks to natural tannins that resists rot, insects and mould. Nonetheless, we always recommend treating wood used for outdoor furniture and we have some tips and tricks. 

Douglas Fir is also lighter than many woods, yet just as durable. You will not have a problem lifting these Adirondack chairs around the garden! Both the honey-gold colour (sometimes with a hint of red) of the fresh wood, and the stately silver-grey after the wind and rain have done their part is aesthetically pleasing.

We use stainless steel screws to hold our Adirondack chairs together, so although we recommend bringing your chairs in over winter, they won't collapse if you don't. 

We can still make chairs and accessories from Larch wood, however, homegrown and European Larch wood will contain an appreciable number of knots. Please contact us with your request.


Why We Offer Two Back Heights.

You will notice, if you head to our online shop, that we offer every Adirondack chair and Adirondack chair set in two height options, Classic or High Back. You may be wondering how high a High Back is, or whether a Classic back is high enough for your basket ball playing spouse. This little guide should clear all of that up.

Our Classic Adirondack chair is designed to suit people of average height. This is the height we would recommend to most people as it is already quite high backed at 770mm, and is also a bit cheaper.

However, if you or someone you know are over 6' 2", and are looking for a little more lumbar support, we have just the chair for you. The High Back option adds a full 100mm to the overall height of the chair.


Our High Back and Classic Adirondack  chairs are identical in every other way. They are built on the same chassis, allowing High Back customers the same comfort, but with more head room.

Adirondack chairs high back vs classic comparison with dimensions
Chair Back Heights

How To Get The Best Price.

At Lordship Chairs we believe that summer was made for sharing. That's why you save money when you buy more than one Adirondack chair. Our footrests and garden coffee tables are also discounted when you buy them alongside a set of chairs.

Buying two chairs will end the argument over who gets the best seat. Buying four chairs will mean that Granny doesn't have to pretend she actually likes sitting on an apple crate. In the end we all want a comfortable chair. Save money when you buy one of our Adirondack chair sets.


About Our Cushions.

Lordship Chairs also offers cushions designed specifically for the Adirondack chair. We highly recommend these to our customers aged 55 or better, and also to those who wish they could bring their favorite recliner outdoors. Made to measure for our Adirondack chairs, our Adirondack chair cushions come in two colours, green and black, and in two sizes for our Classic and High Back chairs. Don't worry about selecting the height of cushions, choose the colour and we'll send along the right cushions for the chairs you order.

Sewn here in the UK from a waterproof fabric and a soft but supportive foam, our Adirondack chair cushions will turn an already blissful seating experience into ultimate garden luxury. You will be glad to know that our cushions are easy to wipe clean, so if your local birds are not yet garden trained, their indiscretions won't spoil your afternoon's sit down.


About Shipping.

We make your chairs to order and deliver as soon as we can. Delivery times are displayed on the front page of the website, but please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.

Yes, we offer free shipping to anywhere in England and Wales with a small charge for Scotland. If you want your chairs delivered on a specific date, or have any other specialized delivery need, please get in touch by either emailing us at or calling us at 07546 256411

All of our Adirondack chairs and Adirondack chair accessories ship fully assembled. We don't trust flat packed furniture, and neither should you. That means when your Lordship Chairs order arrives, your first trip inside will be to the drinks cabinet, not the tool box. That's the relaxation of Lordship Chairs.


If you live further afield but are still interested in purchasing some of the most comfortable Adirondack chairs on the market, please get in touch by either emailing us at or calling us at +44 07546 256411

Shipping Policy
High back adirondack chair set on a rooftop terrace looking out over London
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