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Indoor Adirondack Chairs (Corwin's house)

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

A quick web search reveals any number of Adirondack Chair images, from Home Carpenter websites to design and décor specialists. The lazy, yet splendid design of these chairs seems to capture the imagination of both do-it-yourself types and professional designers alike. Garden designers such as Diarmuid Gavin have created their own rendition of the chair, incorporating the timeless design into their garden compositions, demonstrating that the Adirondack Chair is not a particular design, but rather a general concept of relaxation, strength and old-time durability.

The total comfort these chairs offers leads many to wonder whether they can be used

indoors. One of our customers tried just this! Corwin, a dentist by profession and an avid outdoorsman and father of two, loved his chair so much that he simply could not leave it outdoors over winter, or stuff it away in his summer house. Instead, he incorporated it into the living room over winter, creating a cozy space to relax and recall those sunny summer days on the patio. Wide enough to seat both his boys (whilst promoting cooperation!), the chair matches the wooden floor of his English country cottage perfectly.

"I hadn't considered this when I bought the chair," explains Corwin, "but I know now that once the weather is warmer and my chair heads back outside, I'll be buying a second one to keep indoors!"

We could not agree more! Adirondack Chairs are lovely wherever they are found. Will you be using your Adirondack Chair indoors or outdoors?

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