Adirondack Chair FAQ

If your question is "Should I buy an Adirondack chair" then the answer is simple: yes.  

Once you have sat in one, you will never want anything different.  The design makes you relax back and turns a 20 minute sit-down into a blissful afternoon.  Followed by a perfect evening.

Below are some of the most common questions we get.  Or if you are convinced already, you can buy a single chair, or shop for the ideal set.  

Three Adirondack Chairs in the UK

What wood are the chairs made of?

Your chair is made out of larch, chosen for its weather-resistant properties. It is pale honey/golden coloured, and will weather to a rustic silvery-grey over time. In some cases, the wood may turn slightly black in places that may look a bit like mould, but it is not mould. This is caused by the tanins in the wood changing colour, and is simply part of the natural weathering process, and will disappear as the wood turns grey. There is no need to treat the wood as its durablity is excellent.

Larch is far heavier and harder then the much cheaper woods available. It is much more durable than pressure-treated pine or redwood that other chairs are made of.

If you want to know more about this wood, call 01580 883329 to discuss.

Do I need to cover my chair in winter?

Wood will always last longest when it is kept dry. However, larch is great at resisting the weather, and covering wooden chairs in winter generally makes them go mouldy. If you can put them in a garage or summerhouse, that is the best. If you do cover them, make sure they are well ventilated. The most important thing is that the legs of the chairs are not left sitting in water all winter. So if your patio tends to collect water, put the chairs up on a brick or something to lift them off the ground.

How should I care for my chair?

Your chair should require very little care. As the chairs start to weather, the grain might raise and the chair becomes slightly rough. It can be sanded, although we don't advise heavy sanding. Phone for advice.

How will my chair arrive?

Good news! Your chair will arrive fully assembled. And by that, we mean you can take it out of the box and start using it right away. Flat-packed chairs are not to be trusted and we don't want you wasting the summer kneeling in the garden with an instruction book! Because of this, the chair will come on a pallet. The driver will bring the pallet as close to your house as possible. If access is difficult, please let us know when you order and we will do our best to make sure delivery is as smooth as possible.

How is my chair finished?

We have chosen wood that lasts without any treatment. Natural, unstained and unvarnished, they will provide years of maintenance free use. As the wood weathers, you may notice a slight blackening in some places, caused by the tanins in the wood. These tanins are not harmful, but actually help to preserve the wood. As the chairs turn a silvery-grey, any blackening will disappear. If you want to stain your chair, we suggest you use Textrol, available here:

What if I want a different colour?

If you want the chair to match another aspect of your garden or patio, we suggest you buy an unstained chair and stain it the desired colour. We don't currently do custom work. Painting larch is not recomended, as the wood is quite resistant to chemicals, and paint will not adhere well. The chairs looks great oiled and we recommend you use Textrol available here:

Are you still delivering?

Certainly our top question during Covid! Yes we are. Our chairs are delivered free and fully assembled within 10 working days. If there is a special date you want your chairs to arrive on, please call 01580 883329 and let us know.

I have heard that larch splits.  Is this true?

Larch expands and contracts quite a bit, which can cause the wood to split when it gets wet then dries out. This is a normal part of many real woods, and will not affect the durability of the chair. If you want to prevent this happening, we suggest you treat your chair with a product called Textrol. You can buy it online here: It is a wood oil and very easy to apply. 1 litre will easily cover 2 chairs and leave some left over. You only need to apply one coat after sanding the chair with 80 grit sandpaper. You could choose just to stain the armrests if you like. It will slow down the weathering and greying of the chair, and also prevent splitting. Please note, the chair will still weather, and might still develop small splits. Please call for advice if you want to discuss this option - 01580 883329

Can I leave my chairs outside in the rain?

Leaving your chairs exposed to the elements will not structurally harm them, but please note that the weathering process will be accelerated when they are repeatedly drying out after rainfalls. This can cause small splits to form, and some raised grain as well. Your chairs will still be perfectly useable, but they will not maintain their "new" look for very long in such conditions. If you would like to maintain the honey-gold colour of your chairs as long as possible, simply keep them dry. We do not recommend the use of chair covers, as these can trap moisture underneath.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not at present offer direct international shipment. However, if you would like your chairs shipped to a foreign address, we would be more than happy to send your chairs to a UK freight forwarder, such as Hedley's Humpers. Work with them to have your chairs shipped orverseas.