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Wood Choice – What Next?

Lordship Chairs have had a difficult choice to make in the future direction of constructing Adirondack chairs.

Historically, Lordship Chairs have been using Larch wood. In particular, Siberian Larch wood has less knots, less resin pockets and less splits than other Larch variations, such as European or homegrown. With recent global issues, stockpiles of Siberian Larch in Europe have been rapidly dwindling.

The decision has been to either continue with a “poorer” quality of Larch wood or switch to another species and if so, which one?

Our passion is to make Adirondack chairs from a durable and beautiful looking wood that also presents great value for a customers. Afterall, satisfied customers are very important to us. After some testing, Douglas Fir wood has become a clear favourite.

[Photo: Comaprison of European Larch wood and Western Douglas Fir]

Douglas Fir features in the list for top woods for outdoor furniture, is similar in colour to Larch, though often contains a slight tinge of red, and can exhibit amazing wavy grain patterns. Check out our range of Adirondack chairs and matching accessories in Douglas Fir and still at the same great price, fully assembled and with free delivery.

[Photo Douglas Fir Adirondack Chair by Lordship Chairs]

If you are inspired by another type of wood and want to purchase the Lordship Chairs Adirondack chairs in another wood species, please get in touch to discuss your requirements on 07546 256411 or email us as

For returning customers who desire additional chairs to match the existing furniture, we can still produce a few Adirondack chairs from Larch wood and we will do our best to minimize the knots and resin pockets and avoid any splits. Please also consider that Larch wood and Douglas Fir wood will weather to a silver grey and any initial difference in the colouration (though it can be quite similar from the outset) will become less pronounced in time.

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