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Lordship Chairs Take Fire

Adirondack chairs are timeless pieces of furniture known for their durability and classic appeal. However, there may be a moment when you might want to adjust the character of the chair, or perhaps the chairs are looking a little past their best. With Adirondack chairs from Lordship Chairs that will take many years. But if that day comes, what to do? 


An option is to take them along to a retirement home for chairs, or you could repurpose them and give them a new life. One of our customers did not want to wait that long and asked us to take a blowtorch to a couple of our classic Adirondack chairs, turning them into an unusual and unique set of garden furniture.  


Yakisugi (also known as Shou Sugi Ban) is known as “burnt cedar” and has been applied to a variety of wood species. It involves taking a flame to the external surface of the wood and charring. Having a carbonised outer layer can improve the weather-proofing, mould resistance, and most importantly the aesthetics of the chairs. The degree of charring can vary in intensity; the customer chose to retain some of the original colour to provide a touch of warmth in the contrast.  


If you want to try it yourself, the Yakisugi treatment can take a while, but it would be worth it in the end. The process allows you to showcase the natural beauty of the wood while creating a unique and visually appealing piece of functional art. Whether you use these burnt wood chairs indoors or outdoors, they are sure to become a conversation starter and a focal point in any space. 

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