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Why are Adirondack chairs expensive?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Why would you spend more money on an Adirondack Chair, when you can choose from dozens of outdoor lawn chair designs for a lesser price?

We know the answer to that one; you don’t want to be purchasing replacement furniture for your patio every two or three years! We make quality wooden garden chairs all by hand, which stand the test of time. Adirondack chairs are a luxury hallmark of satisfaction in the outdoors. Not only are they unique, comfortable and easy to maintain, but their eye-catching design will make them a conversation piece at any garden party. As you spend quality time outdoors in the warmer weather, consider the following points to determine why you should choose Adirondack chairs for your outdoor seating.

Quality Materials: Plastic chairs degrade and crack when exposed to sun and cold, a folding chair will blow away in the wind, while upholstered chairs get wet and mouldy. We select natural European larch wood for the construction of our Adirondack chairs. This golden, durable wood with exotic grain patterns is chosen for weathering the outdoors for many years with minimal time spent on maintenance. If you wish to add a finish, you may do so yourself, though this is not required. We have a handy guide to how to care for your chair if you would like to learn more. As the wood ages, it gently silvers to a natural grey, blending nicely with your garden earth tones. We don’t expose you or your loved ones to harmful treated wood, nor to unsafe chemical coatings.

Adirondack chairs technical drawing
You can even choose a back height for optimum fit.

Comfort: Adirondack and Muskoka chairs were originally designed for ultimate comfort lasting a lifetime. With our unique blueprint including a wide base, sloping seat, and contoured back, the construction is second-to-none for relaxation. Wide supportive armrests aid in allowing you to pull to a stand, while also serving as a stable surface for your teacup and plate of goodies. Adirondack chairs gained fame in medical history during the era of Tuberculosis, and have been recommended by health specialists.

One-Time Purchase: When you purchase Larch wood Adirondack chairs from Lordship Chairs you don’t overspend on something that will fall apart in a year or two. Our sturdy construction and quality material means your high quality will weather beautifully, even if you leave them out over winter, ensuring that you’ll be seated in comfort on a stable, safe lawn chairs. You can add your accessories at the time of purchase, or later if you regret having missed them. We offer a cushion set in two colours, side coffee table, and over-easy footrests. We even let you choose your backrest height for optimum fit.

The instantly iconic “look” of an Adirondack chair in your garden makes a statement about your refined taste in garden furnishings.

Best for your Health: Most people know that it’s healthy to be outdoors. A daily dose of sunlight and fresh air is proven to reduce stress hormones. You feel better when your heart rate and blood pressure are lowered by deep, even breathing. This is, of course, all accomplished while soaking up the warmth of your own garden in an all-natural Adirondack chair. In fact, we've designed our Adirondack chairs specifically with your health and wellbeing in mind, The seat of these hand-crafted wooden garden chairs angles gently backward, allowing your knees to remain higher than the base of your spine, easing back pain and improving circulation. Being close to nature alters your mood from irritation and depression to peaceful repose.

Made by Hand in the UK: Our wooden garden chairs are not slapped together on an assembly line of a factory millions of miles away. We take pride in crafting each Adirondack chair by hand for a specific customer order. You choose the back height, the cushion colour, and the additional footrests and/or coffee table, and we get it to you within a week! The products are fully assembled and ready for a lifetime in your garden, no flat-packing and missing screws.

Aesthetics: The instantly iconic “look” of an Adirondack chair in your garden makes a statement about your refined taste in garden furnishings. The garden lounger design is recognised the world over as refined taste for luxury time spent outdoors. Not only your grandparents and children will feel at home and in good care on your patio, but your neighbours and friends will take note of your refined taste in quality and style.

We know that since 2020 everyone is spending more time outdoors, more time in the safety of their own turf. Make your garden the very best it can be, and don’t skimp for anything less than the best! Are you interested in a set of quality, hard-wearing wooden garden loungers? Visit our store to shop Adirondack chairs sets and accessories.

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