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Is the Adirondack Chair good for the Environment?

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

You might think that cutting down trees to make wooden outdoor Adirondack chairs isn’t a smart choice to make. But it’s been proven that using wooden garden furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do, now that timber industry is regulated and forests are protected.

Going green is important (we trust you think it should be) so read on to find out what the plusses of natural wood are and be proud of choosing a Lordship chair.

Superior strength

Wooden garden furniture is designed to be sturdy; wooden patio chairs will stand the test of time, lasting years and years without being replaced. Relative to its weight, wood is the strongest construction material on earth. And these classic American garden chairs are some of the most sturdy garden chairs on planet earth.


Old wood can be used as fuel when its life is over. If for some reason you don’t keep your Adirondack chair, it is biodegradable and won’t be land-fill.


You have minimal maintenance costs when choosing wood for your outdoor wooden garden loungers. We don’t apply any stain or finish on our Larch wood Adirondack chairs allowing you to enjoy safe, natural European Larch, but you can certainly apply something if you wish. (See our blog on how to care for Adirondack chairs) Larch wood can be sanded, stained, varnished, or painted, in order to preserve it further with no harmful wastes left behind. You can’t do that to metal, plastic, or laminated furniture.

Your wooden lawn chairs hold onto the carbon they have taken out of the atmosphere creating a positive impact on the environment as longs as they're around.

Renewable resource

You can always plant more trees! Unlike gas, oil, or coal which are gone when they’re used up, forests can be renewed. Selective cutting is also excellent for the health of an existing forest. Many wood suppliers promise to plant trees with each piece they sell. In fact, a greater demand for wood products will ensure a greater commitment to reforestation. The area of replanted forests in the EU increased by almost 10 % from 1990 – 2020!

Counteract emissions

Trees are “carbon sinks” that absorb man-made carbon dioxide emissions. Your wooden garden loungers holds onto the carbon they have taken out of the atmosphere creating a positive impact on environment as long as they're around.

Manufactured locally

We’re right here in the UK, producing environmentally friendly wooden garden furniture within the city, for the purpose of making your garden a trip into nature without leaving home. You don’t have to import your wooden lawn chairs from China, Russia, or the United States!

Good for your health

Even the experience of touching real wood garden chairs can be pleasurable. It looks beautiful; it matches your garden and patio themes well; it smells good; and, as we explained in a recent blog, counteracts stress-related hormonal activity.

With their distinct benefits to the health of you and the environment, there are few better choices for garden seating than Adirondack chairs. Visit our online store to see which set best suits your needs, or if you need further convincing, check out our other blogs for more helpful and authoritative information on all things Adirondack chairs!

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