• Erika Brinkmann

What is Zen furniture?

Zen, the Japanese concept of "an energy that exudes peace and calm", is also a popular gardening conceptualization, meant to invoke these feelings of positive energy in a tranquil environment.

What better way is there to describe an Adirondack Chair? Although the traditional Adirondack design stems from the region of North America that goes by the same name, the ideas of peace and relaxation are universal, and the Japanese have done a great job of picturing this as a peaceful garden haven, designed uniquely to the individual, to promote this peace.

Everyone needs a place to "recharge batteries" after a long day at work, a face-off with colleges or loved ones, or simply somewhere to escape outside of our normal spheres of existence. For some, that place is in front of the telly, while for others it is reading a book on the homeward commute. Since you are reading this blog, chances are your garden is your chosen place of relaxation!

Zen is a way of being and a state of mind, so it is important that your thoughts and perception are not hampered by your surroundings. When you sit in your garden, your chair should not give you cause for thought or contemplation, but rather support a deeper meditation and relaxation. This is why it is important that your garden chair is both comfortable and simplistic in style and design. Once again, this pretty much describes the Adirondack Chair exactly!

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